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Our Approach

The traditional dispute resolution model is often not efficient for workplace issues. Often those involved in a workplace disputes are each feeling as though the situation can only be resolved with an “all or nothing” approach, especially where there are allegations of harassment and/or discrimination, or two work groups feel committed to opposite approaches. Thus, it is not useful in these situations to spend time simply having a neutral usher messages back and forth in traditional shuttle diplomacy.

Instead, Advance Resolution Group works with you to investigate the issue, attempt creative and strategic solutions through mediation or facilitation. Advance Resolution Group can also provide a realistic case evaluation, or arbitrate your workplace issue when a collaborative resolution is not possible.

With Advance Resolution Group, clients get the benefit of an experienced trial lawyer that has participated as both an advocate and a neutral in litigation, mediation, and arbitration. This experience improves the efficiency and efficacy of the traditional alternative dispute resolution model, more often achieves compromise and collaboration, and consistently reduces costs.

Contact Advance Resolution Group for a free consultation when you have an employment matter that requires meaningful investigation, creative and strategic solutions, and a neutral with relevant legal experience.